<Villages & Tactics> is a village-constructing arcade game. Players are summoned to help villages to expand, to construct, to generate troops,  and to resist invaders.  The final goal is to unseal the curse of the Temple in Lake.

This game is under-construction, and will be delivered on mobile platforms. Currently it is released free on web as free edition and for play-testing purpose, to receive feedback and data from players.

Other notifications:

. network ability is disable for itch.io here. But you may still play local gameplay. If you want to access network ability, you may visit our site on http://li1440-68.members.linode.com/vtactics/Web/Eng/

. If you can't see entire the game area on my browser.  Please adjust the scaling of your browser.

. Data size of the web page is more than around 10 MB. Be patient to load.
. The current progress is the balancing of units. Compatibility for mobile platforms.

.  Please like and share our Facebook page as well: https://www.facebook.com/VillageTactics

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